Wednesday, July 30, 2008

“Not merely a Dhabdhaba”…

As the earth revolves around the sun, the every thing flourishes. Courtallam a waterfall located 150 km’s from where I stay, and just 5 kilometers from where I was born. Every year, I visit my home town particularly on this festive season (June, July or august), to enjoy the nature’s cosmic dance. Where, I enjoy the monsoon, with drizzling (Saaral).
Normally I go with one or two of my friends, or some times I go alone, book a hotel (Very nominal, a 3 star abode may cost you just 400 to 500 bucks), and for the taste of the food I stay there for two days normally.

Famous places to Dine:

Pandiyan Hotel: Lakshmipuram Street.
Raj Mess in the way to Main Falls.
Kannan Cafe: Lakshmipuram Street.
Senkottaai Border dhabba (Ultimate taste)
Aravind Restaurant Tenkasi
Hotel Thavamani Tenkasi
Ananda Bavan Tenkasi
Manee’s cafe Sengottai.

For the people who want to visit courtallam (Must!!!!), Some tips, Le Lo…There are 5 such waterfalls.

Peraruvi (Main Falls) The most popular and frequented waterfalls are the Main falls. Not only during the season, but also during the period November to January, the crest receives the Northeastern monsoon emptying itself on the slopes to swell the falls and the Chittar River. From a height of 300 ft., the Chittar River makes its last descent to the plains. A water fall one can take bath at water coming from this height is possible only here in this heaven. Taking an ayurvedic massage (just for 100 or 200 bucks) and getting wet in the flood is heaven come true. (Haven’t seen heaven as such)...
Chittraruvi Adjacent to the Main falls is a small cascade called “Chittraruvi”.
Shenbaga Devi Falls A mile away from the Main falls is the Shenbagadevi falls, so called because of its location near to the temple of Shenbagadevi. During full moon days large crowds visit this temple. During my N number of visits I have met number of saints
Thenaruvi (Honey Falls) About 3 miles from the Main falls on the upper crusts of the rocks is the Honey falls. It is so called because of beehives on the promontory. It is a romantic place of solitude and those who seek seclusion come here to meditate on reality. Water sleeks as a stream from the cascade, where once I and my friend sat in a tree that has fallen and it seems to be a natural bridge is constructed just for us. we sat there in the trunk by letting our legs down in the stream, by sipping VSOP (malted whisky famous in south India). Suddenly I felt some thing struck in my legs, and my friend noticed it was a beautiful deer, just died before minutes. I could see the last fear in her (?) eyes… might have taken by the forest flood above the waterfall.
Aintharuvi (Five Falls) Connected by a good road about 3 miles from the Main falls are the Five falls, so named as the cascade spreads in five heads like a hooded cobra. This spot is venerated highly as it presents an image of Adishesha with several hoods.
(To be cont’d …)