Monday, September 15, 2008

Go .. Goa..


There is no end to fun, adventure and thrill on Anjuna. Once there leave your inhibitions and get into the party mood. It’s difficult to say what the main attraction of this beach is, the beach parties, walking through the beach on moonlit night or the ever so famous Flea market. On the way from Arambol, we will pay a visit

At Calangute, its heavens. Just let your hair down and experience the magic spell drown you in the calm serene solitudes. It’s another world. While some laze around, others can get adventurous with water sports. In the evening we have Funny time here in this, if time permits, we go for a cruise compel in the night.

Baga Beach, Mapusa

Well, there is not much of sightseeing’s options available on this small beach. Yet it is popular among tourists. Though the beach doesn't boasts of any big time adventures yet whatever little it does offer is quite sought after. We will make our trip on Sunday..
The scenery here is unspoiled. The land and sea meet here in a picture perfect manner. White waves rush towards the brown sand to sweep the feet marks. Unlike other beaches, Baga beach is free from any hustle bustle.

Candolim Beach

The beach in itself is very calm and peaceful; at times tourists come here from Rajneesh Ashram in Pune to take a break. What adds to the scenic beauty of the sand and sea are the scrub covered dunes at the back of the beach quite popular with tourists. (For Sunday, if possible..)

In Calangute, for morning I prefer any restaurant and for the noon, Plantain Leaf or Meat & Loaf, and in the evening Green Bar n restaurant.
In Anjuna , I would Prefer Amigo / Olive's Garden.


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"Go .. Goa.."

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