Friday, June 20, 2008

Sambar, Rasam & Aviyal.

21’st June. The day, before 24 years in the place called Madurai, A star revealed the birth of a sacred spirit, Shravan. As a mark of the auspicious day, a small Lunch is arranged on 24th June (Tuesday) at Nirlon house 2nd floor. So, please don’t bring Lunch Pack on that day.
So come and join the Luncheon, that day.

Some other people who came to this world on the same day:

1694 Jean Francois Voltaire – renowned Philosopher,
1905 Jean-Paul Sartre - Famous French Novelist,
1921 Jane Russell - American Actress & Former Sex symbol,
1929 Alexandre Lagoya – Classical Guitarist,
1944 Ray Davies - English rock musician,
1946 Brenda Holloway – an Afro-American singer,
1973 Juliette Lewis - Hollywood's most talented and versatile,
1982 HRH Prince William of Wales

21 June is also:National Aboriginal Day (Canada)National Day (Greenland)

On This Day In History:1788 New Hampshire admitted as 9th US state.1898 US forces capture Guam, during the Spanish-American war.1982 John Hinckley found not guilty by reason of insanity, for the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan.2004 SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded craft to achieve space flight.

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