Friday, June 20, 2008

Directions from a Dietician:

Directions from a Dietician:

I have only 5 rules as a good chef… (House wives’ & husbands) in preparing and presenting the dishes…

Both P P's:-

1) Your ingredients should be visible clearly, even after cooking (while presenting the dish).

2) There should not be any garnishing factor.

3) It should be, not a pinch more or less needed,

4) Decide before presenting, are you going to present dry or a chymic one... don’t get confused in between..

5) The dish should not be too oily, salty or masalic(?) (Spicy).

I wanted to give a south Indian recipe with this: (Useful to gratify your better half)…
That will be followed in the next post.. Till then gud nite dear’s …

Pause… It’s my Birthday… and when am writing this post, the time is 12:00 A.M and the star once again is appearing after 24 years…

So here is a rhyme or a poem...

“It’s a sacred day
The day is well Saturday
I could not meet u on this day,
So any way... Keeping u on my way…”.

This is the one that I thought and written on the fly…. (Believe me … Yaar.)



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